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John Schneyer

John Schneyer

Dealing with any of these issues? We can help you with these and more.

Risks Something unexpected happens and all the hard work you’ve put into building your business is in jeopardy. Risks must be identified and managed.

Problems You know what should be happening but what is happening is you keep fixing the same problems over and over.  This increases costs, cuts profits, wastes time, and frustrates employees and customers.  Problems must be eliminated.

Costs You know you have to spend money to make money. Hidden costs drain your profits and need to be identified and controlled.

Complexity So many things to do, so little time. What are the most important things? How do we deal with them?

Sustainability Can your business sustain the loss of a key employee? Changes to your environment? Succession planning, employee training, improving your business’ capabilities are key to remaining successful.

Boca Consultants works with you to reduce risks, protect and strengthen your business.

We provide an objective view to problems, risks, and concerns that are often missed by managers and staff who are too close to the situation. Everything we do is focused on making you more effective, cutting costs, providing more opportunities, reducing risk, and protecting your business.

We have the knowledge and experience to find the root cause of problems, make balanced decisions, protect actions and plans, and prioritize issues and concerns.

We are happy to work with you in any area where you may need some help – cost cutting, risk management, management processes, staff development, goal alignment, making difficult decisions.

In a world where most people view the glass as half-empty or half-full, we know the glass is always full. It’s what we make of it that counts.

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John Schneyer, President, Boca Consultants

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