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2009 Hurricane Guide

Click here for the 2009 Hurricane Guide provided by Boca Raton News

While you can not prevent a hurricane, there are many things you can do to avoid the problems that can be caused by a hurricane and to reduce the impact once one should hit.

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Boca Chamber Leads Group Presentation

Here is a copy of my recent 10 minute talk to my chamber of commerce Leads Group.

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The business logic of sustainability

TED talk on sustainability in business by Ray Anderson.

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Note to networkers: High-pressure tactics counterproductive

Business mixers and networking events these days feel a lot like “meet markets” and cliche speed-dating events, where people are trying way too hard to connect with that special someone.

“I am actually avoiding a lot of business events — mainly because I sense desperation in the air and see a lot of people approaching me just to build their business, (rather than to) build a relationship with me,” said Charlotte Risch, CEO of The Media Push, a Phoenix-based marketing and public relations firm. “And in my line or work, I don’t just start working with you because you hand over your business card.”

Read the full story here: Phoenix Business Journal

Have you ever been to events where you feel like you are getting the “hard sell”?  I know I have.

I tell my clients and prospects to identify their “filet mignon” (ideal clients) and focus on them.  Figure out where they go and what they do.  Then, go to those places and do those things.

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Blood Bank Networking

I donated blood today.  Watch the video for a networking message.