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An Electric Boost for Bicyclists

NY Times article An Electric Boost for Bicyclists

Here is an example of a new technology (electric bicycles) that are addressing problems and posing new ones. Laws, public attitude, and safety concerns are some of the issues that come to mind.

Do we adapt or cling to our old ways of thinking? When automobiles came our over 100 years ago, similar concerns came up. Somehow, we managed to deal with the changes and now, automobiles have become a necessity rather than a oddity. We built infrastructure, passed laws, and dealt with the needs of the automobile.

How do you feel about electric bicycles? What are the upsides, and what risks do we need to consider?

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EPA Releases Final Specification for WaterSense New Homes

December 10, 2009

EPA Releases Final Specification for WaterSense New Homes

This will help homeowners increase water efficiency and save on their utility bills

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final WaterSense single-family new homes specification today, creating the first national, voluntary, water-efficiency specification for an entire new home.

“Home builders can now partner with EPA and earn the WaterSense label for their newly built homes, helping to create livable communities and quality homes that are easy to maintain,” said Peter S. Silva, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Water. “These homes will save homeowners as much as $200 a year on utility bills compared to their current homes.”

EPA worked with hundreds of stakeholders over the past three years to develop this specification, which was designed to complement existing green building programs. WaterSense labeled new homes, which will be 20 percent more efficient than typical new homes, must be independently inspected and certified by an EPA licensed certification provider to meet the WaterSense criteria for water efficiency and performance.

The new homes will feature WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures, Energy Star qualified appliances (if installed), water-efficient landscaping, and hot water delivery systems that deliver hot water faster, so homeowners don’t waste water—or energy—waiting at the tap.

By investing in WaterSense labeled homes, American home buyers can reduce their water usage by more than 10,000 gallons per year—enough to fill a backyard swimming pool—and save enough energy annually to power a television for four years.

If the approximately 1.27 million new homes built in the United States each year were WaterSense labeled, it would save more than 12 billion gallons of water.

With this announcement, EPA is inviting home builders to join the WaterSense program and commit to building water-efficient new homes.

WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored by EPA, seeks to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by offering people simple ways to use less water.

More information on WaterSense labeled new homes:

To see a video message about the WaterSense new homes specification:


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More Fun Than Using an Escalator

A friend of mine sent me this video, check it out.

That is great! I love seeing fun put to good use.

I take the stairs up and down 3 flights at my condo unless I am carrying a lot of stuff (laundry baskets, grocery bags). I get a little exercise and save a little electricity.

Too bad they can’t turn the escalator off to save electricity but you do need to provide a way for everyone and not everyone can take the stairs.

I wonder if they can find a way to power the escalator from the energy of the people using the stairs. Hook it up to a battery pack or capacitors or something and supplement it with the house electric in slow periods.

I wonder too if they could have the escalator activated by someone approaching it so it doesn’t need to be running when no one is around.

Cool stuff.

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Get Cool: Paint Your Roof White

Hey business owners, home owners too, would you like to reduce your electric costs by up to 20%?

Read this article from the National Geographic Green Guide.

White roof = less heat.
Less heat = less A/C.
Less A/C = less electricity.
Less electricity = less money spent.
Less money spent = more money in your pocket!

In this case, go green by going white and save some green $$$$.

Sound like a good idea? Want more?

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John Schneyer – Going Green Speech

Here is my speech to the Boca Raton Toastmasters on Going Green.

Contrary to the introduction, I have been in Toastmasters 5 months, not 5 years.