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Texting-driving ban is close to being law

Click here for story:  Texting-driving ban is close to being law.

Florida is in the process of passing legislation.  Read the story.  What do you think?  I think it’s too little.

What will you do to protect your company?  Do you have policies, practices, and education in place to deal with this and other day to day risks?

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Recommendation for John Schneyer

I worked with John at Andrx during the early 20s. John directed the Knowledge and Change Management Department. He taught and implemented Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving & Decision Making classes and processes.John used these processes and techniques to find solutions to many problems, avoid problems, and make decisions regarding transportation, employee performance appraisals, and product failures. He is a well organized individual and his knowledge of Kepner -Tregoe techniques was of tremendous benefit to Quality, Technical Services and Manufacturing in helping to solve manufacturing problems and quality issues. I strongly recommend John to any one who can use his services

Frank Greaves, President, Pharmaceutical Systems Consulting, Inc.

The machine that ran too hot

Follow this link to the Economist article on Toyota

The woes of Toyota, the world’s biggest car maker, are a warning for rivals

How well do you source your work?  How well do you know both your suppliers and customers?

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Google’s Buzz

Has everyone seen Google Buzz yet? If not, have you seen some example of the privacy complaints raised since Google began rolling Buzz out?

There is an old saying, “It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Grace Hopper” Perhaps Google thought there would be little reaction. Perhaps Google knew there would be a reaction, thought it would help create “buzz” around Buzz and they could handle it.

Whatever the case, had Google been concerned about the reaction, a simple Potential Problem Analysis would have helped them anticipate and avoid this problem.

When you are doing something important, a product or service roll out, a key new hire, a new plant opening, a key project, take the time to run a formal Potential Problem Analysis to make sure things go well.

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Texting while driving could cost you $30

Link to article on Florida proposing a $30 find for texting while driving.

Thirty Dollars!?!?! Are you kidding me? Texting while driving could cost you your life, your savings, your business, or more. I don’t think $30 will deter many people from texting while driving. I don’t think this will be effective. If the legislature is serious about this issue, they need to send a clear, strong message.

For you business owners, you need to protect your businesses from the consequences of your employees and contractors driving while distracted – texting and more.

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants