Survey on Driving and Cell Phone Use

Please take my short survey on driving and cell phone use by clicking “View Survey” below. Thank you.

4 Responses to “Survey on Driving and Cell Phone Use”

  1. mac says:


  2. linda weisberg says:

    i did it…hope that helps

  3. PATTY says:

    Hi: I hope this helps. It’s certainly a growing problem. If we do it we know our kids will too. This just adds another component to the ever increasing teenage deaths. They’ll follow our lead, as they do with all else, one parent at a time.

  4. Lillian Martinez says:

    I see people texting while they are driving all the time. Just today, I saw a lady texting while she was driving on US-1 in Miami. Makes you wonder what is so important that is can’t wait?

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