Going a Little Greener and Networking?

I’ve been working on a speech to persuade people to go a little “greener”. One of the easy ways to do this would be to take a magazine you read regularly and pass it on to someone else who may like to read it to. This gets more use out of the magazine before it eventually winds up recycled or re-used in an arts & crafts project.

It occurred to me that you could attach one of your business cards to the magazine before passing it on. Also include a note for the tenth person to receive it to give you a call to get it back. When you hand off the magazine, ask them to read it and attach one of their cards before passing it on with the same instructions.

After 10 readers, if all goes well, you should get a phone call to return the magazine. Schedule a time to sit with that person, get the magazine and all the business cards, and see if you can help each other network. Call the other people (you now have their cards) and see if they will meet with you too. You have the magazine and the other people in common now so it could work out.

Repeat the process if it starts working for you.

You can do this with magazines, articles, books, etc. Give it a try and let me know how you do.

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

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