Man or Machine?

Man or Machine?

Man or Machine?

This picture is about 40 years old. That’s an IBM System 360 computer system in the background, and my father in the foreground.

In the 40 years since that picture was taken, the System 360 became obsolete and was replaced. In fact, it’s replacement and it’s replacement have been replaced many times. Technology gets faster, more powerful and cheaper all the time and needs to be upgraded to keep pace with business needs.

While computer models have become obsolete and been replaced, my father never has. In fact, 40 years later he is more valuable than ever as his experience and judgment have grown every day.

Considering most companies say their employees are their most valuable asset, the question is, do we invest in our employees to make them more capable, valuable and relevant to our business? Do we take them for granted and then wonder why they become less effective or even leave?

We have the knowledge and experience to help you and your employees become more effective.

Give us a call, we can help.
John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

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