How the Chain of Networking Works

chainI am a member of a Leads Group at the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. The Leads Group exists to help it’s members get business referrals by building relationships with each other. This group is like a chain, we are linked together and work to get stronger.

One of my colleagues, Christine (Career and Life Coach), referred me to a woman who owns an executive conference center here in Boca Raton (call me if you need a conference center). Christine suggested this because she knows I speak to groups and put on seminars and workshops designed to identify and reduce risks in businesses. Sometimes I need to find my own venues.

I scheduled an appointment with the conference center owner, Tina, and had a very productive meeting. Tina has a great place and I could see how it would help me and some of my colleagues.

At my next Toastmasters meeting, I told my colleague, Marcos (Executive Coach), about the center. I gave him Tina’s card and told him he needed to meet with her. Marcos has used some hotels that were much more expensive than Tina’s center in the past. I also directed other colleagues to Tina.

Marcos met with Tina and both were happy for the referral. Marcos thanked me in person, Tina sent me a nice e-mail.

I got a message via the LinkedIn service that Robert (Professional Placement Network/Workshop Trainer) wanted to join my network and that he had met with Tina who told him he needed to speak with me as I could help him and a lot of his clients.

I went to Robert’s office for a meeting. He was impressed and arranged for a meeting with his regional director, Susan (Program Director).

Susan and I met and I was impressed with her. We looked for ways to help each other that resulted in Susan asking me to speak to a group of 250 professionals in December. Just what I am looking for.

I then met with Christine (you remember Christine don’t you? She started this.) and told her of my success. I wound up referring Christine to Robert to help someone else. Christine and Robert met and it turns out that Robert’s organization will be a good place for Christine to send some of her clients.

The chain of events came right back around to Christine and everyone who made up a link of that chain has benefited. Don’t let anyone tell you networking doesn’t work.

Give us a call, we can help.
John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

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