Being Neighborly, The Home Depot Way

When you think about your neighbors, what comes to mind?  People you wave to on your way to work or school?  The guy across the street who helps out when you’ve got a roof leak?  The lady who has too many mangoes growing on her tree and pops in to share some with you?  I have neighbors just like them.

After last night, I realize I have a new neighbor I can count on in an emergency.  A neighbor who has been around for a while, supporting the community but somewhat in the background unless I needed some little things.  This neighbor came through for me last night when I needed them.  This neighbor is my local Home Depot.

Last night, my girlfriend came home from work and grocery shopping.  It was still light out though dusk was falling.  She opened the garage door and pulled her car in.  She got out of the car and was attacked by a man who had come into the garage behind her.  They scuffled, he grabbed her pocket book, she fought, the strap on her pocket book broke and he took off with it.  She’s a little bruised but appears ok.

The police came, many questions, DNA swabbing, K9 unit, detectives, the works.  We were notifying banks, credit card companies, and AT&T to cancel accounts.

While doing all this, we realized her house keys were in her pocket book and were now with the robber.  We have to change the locks – now!

Fortunately, we had put in locks that allowed us to change the keys and train the locks but, we needed the kit with new keys.  I drove to our local Home Depot, Store 0218, in Deerfield Beach, to get what I needed to change the locks.  I arrived just before 10 pm only to find they close at 9 pm.  Now what?

I knocked on the door and was greeted by Assistant Manager, Jasun, and Department Head, Bobby.  I explained what had happened and what I needed.  They let me in, double checked the information I had with me about the locks, got me what I needed and brought me outside.  Jasun told me, “Look, we are closed.  I can’t sell this to you.  Take this and go make your house safe, we’ll take care of it.  We are your neighborhood Home Depot and this is what neighbors do.”

If you think of companies like Home Depot as big, faceless, uncaring corporations just chasing the dollar, pause for a minute.  Companies are made up of people.  People who have feelings, people who live in our communities, people who are our neighbors.

The empathy and kindness displayed by Jasun and Bobby last night will stay with me forever.  The Home Depot should be proud of them and what they bring to the neighborhood.

Jasun, Bobby, thank you.  You made a difficult situation manageable and gave us the security to sleep in our home last night.

Home Depot, welcome neighbor and, thank you.

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