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The machine that ran too hot

Follow this link to the Economist article on Toyota

The woes of Toyota, the world’s biggest car maker, are a warning for rivals

How well do you source your work?  How well do you know both your suppliers and customers?

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Where does it end for Toyota?

Where does it end for Toyota? How long will it take to correct the problem (and I don’t mean accelerators and brakes)? Something has changed in their culture and it needs correcting. What else may go wrong while they are working on it?

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Study: distracted driving laws don’t stop crashes

Associated Press article in the MIT Technology Review.

I have been saying all along, with laws or without, education is the key to changing behavior.  Just like seat-belt laws, time and education will be the keys to getting the public to change driving behaviors.

Can your company afford to wait to protect itself from employees and contractors using cell phones while driving? It’s your company, what will you do?

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Toyota’s Slow Awakening to a Deadly Problem

NY Times article on the growing problem with Toyota’s accelerators.

Read the article and ask your self, “Could something like this happen in my company?”

What are the things you do that could come back and bite you? What small problems are growing? What fixes have you put in place to deal with a problem but don’t really solve it?

With experience in training and consulting in problem solving and prevention, we focus on reducing the risks in your business to help you stay in business.

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Honda Recalls Cars, Citing Defect

What in our process allowed this to happen? What can Honda do now? What should Honda have done before to avoid this problem?

Honda is recalling 646,000 Fit/Jazz and City cars, including 140,000 in the United States.

The recall covers the models sold in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia, but not Japan, a spokeswoman said.

The Fit is Honda’s best-selling model in Japan.

Honda said the recall was to fix a defective master switch, which could cause water to enter the power window switch and in some cases cause a fire.

There were three reported cases of fires due to the defect, two in the United States and one in South Africa, the spokeswoman said.