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Texting-driving ban is close to being law

Click here for story:  Texting-driving ban is close to being law.

Florida is in the process of passing legislation.  Read the story.  What do you think?  I think it’s too little.

What will you do to protect your company?  Do you have policies, practices, and education in place to deal with this and other day to day risks?

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Texting while driving could cost you $30

Link to article on Florida proposing a $30 find for texting while driving.

Thirty Dollars!?!?! Are you kidding me? Texting while driving could cost you your life, your savings, your business, or more. I don’t think $30 will deter many people from texting while driving. I don’t think this will be effective. If the legislature is serious about this issue, they need to send a clear, strong message.

For you business owners, you need to protect your businesses from the consequences of your employees and contractors driving while distracted – texting and more.

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

Bills to Curb Distracted Driving Gain Momentum

Read the NY Times article.

It’s time to protect your company from the dangers of driving distracted; especially using a cell phone while driving. Whether laws are passed or not, you need to protect your company from the dangers posed to your business’ survival from this and other risks.

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John Schneyer
Boca Consultants

Would you like to meet Jesus?

This sums it up pretty well

This sums it up pretty well

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants

When Emotion Gets in the Way of Good Sense

Do you want to keep your business? Yes or No
Do you want to keep your life? Yes or No
Do you want to avoid causing or receiving a serious injury? Yes or No
Do you want to be the one in control of your business? Yes or No

I am hoping you answered Yes to the questions above.

I have been talking to many groups lately about the dangers of driving while using a cell phone.

I have heard many arguments both for and against writing laws covering the use of cell phones while driving.
Hands free, hand held, texting, talking, e-mailing.

Should we ban eating, drinking, changing the radio station, talking to kids in the back seat, talking to passengers in the front seat?

Don’t “careless driving” laws cover this?

I’m an expert multi-tasker, it doesn’t impact me!

I have insurance so I don’t have to worry!

I’ve heard a lot and I have one thing to say about all the arguments I have heard concerning driving while using a cell phone (plug in sandwich, cup of coffee, makeup, shaving, what ever you want) – YOUR ARGUMENTS DO NOT MATTER and I don’t care which side of the argument you are on when we are talking about protecting you and your business.

This is not a debate about laws. You can write as many of them as you like and you will not correct the problem.

This is not about winning the debate about cell phone laws. The laws won’t actually matter that much anyway.

This IS about protecting you and your company from losing business, getting sued, and quite possibly going out of business!

Regardless of any laws passed, if you or an employee or contractor has an accident, you will be hurt. Lets look at a simple example:

Jim and Jane are married and own a local plumbing company. They have worked hard for 15 years building it up to the point where they have 5 fully equipped vans. The only thing keeping them from getting bigger is being able to find trustworthy qualified workers. They are getting ready to put the kids through college.

One day, Joe the plumber while talking on his cell phone misses a red light and totals the van and kills someone. Joe is laid up in the hospital.

What are the likely results of this accident?

1) Jim and Jane immediately lose 20% of their business. One van totaled and one plumber out of commission.
2) Joe is getting sued. So is Jim and Jane’s plumbing business.
3) Joe collects workers compensation
4) Jim and Jane switch from business development and servicing current customers to fighting a legal and public relations battle.
5) Jim and Jane find out their insurance won’t cover nearly as much as they are being sued for.
6) Jim and Jane get dropped by their insurance company and have to shop for much more expensive insurance.
7) Jim and Jane’s workers compensation insurance rates go up.
8) Jim and Jane’s competitors step in to take the business they can’t service

The list goes on. I hope you get the picture. By the way, this will happen with or without cell phone laws. This will happen no matter how strongly you feel there should or should not be cell phone laws.

This is where good sense has to win out over whatever emotional feelings you have about cell phone laws and the government telling you what to do.

My job:

1) Do a risk assessment for your business including cell phone exposure
2) Write company policies (basically, the laws you will run your business by) to appropriately cover you
3) Develop the work practices that will ensure your company can comply with the policies while remaining effective
4) Provide the training to your employees and contractors
5) Put in the support to keep you on track

Doing this accomplishes 2 very important things:

1) We have reduced the probability you will have an accident.
2) Assuming you have an accident anyway, we have taken actions to reduce the impact on you and your company.

I am not an attorney; I have talked with several. They tell me I am right to protect you the way I described above. Should an accident happen, there are no guarantees but, they would be much better armed in court or in negotiation if their clients had the type of help I can give them.

Bottom line – call me. I can help protect you from this and many other types of problems you may not have even considered.

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John Schneyer, Boca Consultants